Prinker is a friend who knows you best. Express yourself. Prinker will help you.

is a friend
who know you best.

Prinker drews fabulous and splendid images on your skin. Prinker writes your profound thoughts. Prinker shows on your skin of which baseball team you’re rooting for, what you’re working on. Prinker is not just a mobile skin printer. Prinker is a playful friend who changes inside of yourself.


Prinker cares about your skin by using cosmetic ingredients.

Set you
free and express yourself.

Fantastic Duo

Prinker app is a fantastic duo with Prinker. It helps you to draw what you imagine, to purchase or to give a present with other person’s artwork.

Shh, it’s a secret! Prinker app takes a picture alone without Prinker.

Sketch function allows you to edit your photos and images you purchased. Or you can draw a completely new picture with this function.

You can purchase images other people or specialists draw, as well as sell your images to others.

You can preview images on your skin. Shoot a photo, upload on SNS, and share with your friends. They’ll be curious about it.


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